Keep Your Blade Inventory Stocked

Stock up on blades for your upcoming jobs.

Having a tough time determining the proper blade for your job?  Let us know and we will offer suggestions to accomplish your project for the best results.

To place your order, just give us a call  1-866-491-3981 or print  the

2017 Blade Order Form 

and fax it to 509.571-1611

Be sure to check out the line of Super Heavy Duty Floor Scraper Blades  on page 24 of your 2017 Catalog.  These are custom-smelted, ultra wear-resistant, extra heavy duty Japanese-style steel blades for use on your most challenging jobs.

Also new is the Ultra HD Angle Shank Blade with Removable Carbide Tip  for your ride-on scraper on page 25 of the 2017 Catalog.  This tool allows your operator to sharpen the tips while on the job!

To see these current offerings click on the  following link:

2017 Catalog – Floor Scraper Blades-Shanks

Don’t have the full 2017 Catalog?  Give us a call 1-866-491-3981 for your complimentary copy!

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